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About Morv London

Morv London is a womenswear brand specialising in beautifully tailored suits and easy, bold dresses that can be worn to any event. With collections that reference art and fashion history, pop culture and female empowerment, the Morv London girl is edgy and cool whilst still timeless and beautiful; the prints she wears, whilst beautiful, can provoke a conversation; the luxurious fabrics are as ethically sourced as possible; the colours are bold and rich. Every Morv garment is cut to be both flattering and easy to wear; the brand designs looks that can be worn across occasions, making the wearer feel bold and confident, and giving her the edge that she demands.

Our philosophy is rooted in feminism and multiculturalism — our goal to empower women. Morv London clothes should embolden the wearer with their bold aesthetic, playful prints, vibrant colours and contemporary design. For us, it should go without saying that women’s fashion, which is designed for women, should be something that empowers them. 

Above and beyond the confidence that we want to instil in the wearer, within the business practice Morv London keeps central the goal of finding a way to allow more fortunate women to bridge the gap to help women who have less favourable circumstances. 

Morvarid Sahafi

Morvarid Sahafi is an Iranian born, London based artist and designer who is the Founder and Creative Director of Morv London and Morv Moon. 

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