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We recognize the significance of reducing the environmental footprint of the industry, and as such, we offer you the exclusive opportunity to rent selected pieces from our collection. These unique items are truly one-of-a-kind, as we are unable to source the fabrics used in these pieces from the "rescue piles." We consciously choose not to participate in the purchase of new fabrics. However, we remain optimistic that we may acquire these fabrics in the future, which would enable us to offer these exceptional products for sale again.

Kindly be aware that at the moment, all the products available for rental are exclusively offered in size M (UK 10). If you are interested in renting our products, please feel free to reach out to us at or We are eager to assist you and provide any information you may need.

1. Discover

Filter and browse our products and select the pieces you love

2. Rent

Check-out and enjoy your special piece. You can find our Product Rental Policy here

3. Return

Return your rental in its original packaging if you can, using the address listed in your account


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