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L O W   I M P A C T  F A C T O R Y

Our Factory

We have built and personally supervised the development of our factory, specialised in high-end luxury finishing with complex fabrics and forms, ensuring full control of every aspect of our production. This ensures we can get the highest efficiency levels, shortest lead times and maintain complete control over our quality, without compromising on the fair treatment of our workers. We do not outsource but keep embroidery and leatherwork in house, as well as keeping tailors with expertise in both hard and soft tailoring.


We aim to constantly improve our ethical credentials as we expand and grow. At the same time, we do not wish to compromise on quality; our tailors and seamstresses are trained in sewing with complex fabrics such as leather, velvet, lace, “flou” fabrics like lightweight silks, and using complex printed fabrics that need to be matched. Hand finishing is also done in house

Morvarid founded the factory in India whilst living and working in Delhi, at which point she realised that, in order to have complete creative control and bring the factories up to traditional European artisanal standards of craftsmanship, it was best if she had direct supervision over the factory. She went in to partnership with, and trained, a gifted local pattern cutter to act as her line manager, gradually adding more expert local craftsman and bringing in European technical consultants with Savile row and German Industrial training. This allowed her to encourage the skills of local artisans to be used in more innovative ways,

With design experience working with prints, complex embroidery, innovative cuts and delicate drapes, Morv has built up a network of expert tailors, sample machinists and pattern cutters who we have close relationships with, allowing us to develop evermore innovative techniques within the factory. The core team of technical consultants includes people with backgrounds at innovative sustainable brands such as Honest by Bruno Pieters, as well as high end luxury producers such as Alexander McQueen, Rejina Pyo, Catherine Walker, Savile Row tailors and Kostas Murkudis. 

Factory History

Principles Guiding the Factory

We are are aiming to having 75% of our workforce female by the end of 2019, with a particular focus on hiring women who have found themselves in unstable circumstances. We want to offer our workers as secure and stable an environment to work in as possible, as well as ensuring that the factory itself is air-conditioned and comfortable, with ergonomic chairs and plants that improve air quality.

The factory itself is having solar panels installed and we pride ourselves on running a as low impact a production as possible. The key impact of any factory is wastage and we have been training the team to innovate in cutting practices to actively reduce this as much as possible. Expert pattern cutters from Europe have been flown in to analyse and reduce wastage as much as possible in cutting. 

"Our key advantage is that we can ensure our sustainability by closely supervising our consumption of resources to a much greater extent than other factories, especially because we place more emphasis on wastage; however, we refuse to compromise on quality. Our production managers and technicians supervise the factory during all production and bring German precision, Italian craftsmanship and traditional Savile Row artisanal expertise and innovation to fuse with the formidable Indian craft heritage of our local technicians. Our close supervision means that we can deliver this excellent quality on time and at lower cost.” -Morvarid Sahafi

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